9 P.E.I. Instagrammers to follow

From the red cliffs to the green potato fields and the blue water, P.E.I. is a very photogenic province and home to some great photographers.

Want more P.E.I. in your feed? Check out these Island photographers

Red cliffs and blue water. Pamela Doyle (@oceanluvngal) captured this rock formation along the P.E.I. coast. (Pamela Doyle)

From the red cliffs to the green potato fields to the blue water, P.E.I. is a very photogenic province and home to some great photographers.

Over the summer, CBC P.E.I. asked a different Island photographer to take over our Instagram account each week, featuring some of their photos from around the Island.

If you want more P.E.I. in your Instagram feed, these accounts are a great place to start.

1. Brian Wagner (@fluorescent_chemist)

Brian Wagner is a chemistry professor at UPEI and a spectroscopist, someone who studies the way light interacts with matter.

"I'm very interested in capturing light, and really to me, photography is a science. It's about capturing light," he said.

Brian Wagner used a long exposure to create a different effect on the water of this bubbling brook in Winsloe. (Brian Wagner)

As a scientist, taking photos is also all about experimenting, and trying out different settings to get the best shot.

2. Alexandra Dekerf (@lifeonisland)

Alexandra Dekerf posts simple photos of everyday things — what she sees when out for a walk, what's growing in her garden, her journals, and what she's reading to her children.

Alexandra Dekerf captures everyday moments, including this homeschool lesson where she made Tanzanian and Eritrean inspired food, to accompany the book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. (Alexandra Dekerf)

"I'll notice something and I'll think, 'This is really fun, this is really nice, I love that.' They're often very simple." she said.

3. Pamela Doyle (@oceanluvngal)

An avid beachcomber, Pamela Doyle started using Instagram to share her love of the ocean.

As a beachcomber, Pamela Doyle says sand dollars can be elusive. She found this sand dollar propped perfectly on some seaweed. 'I was very lucky,' she said. (Pamela Doyle)

"Because I'm out along the coast so much and because I love P.E.I. so much, it kind of evolved into me sharing my love of P.E.I. with the world," she said.

4. Al Douglas (@alexgdouglas)

Al Douglas does a lot of driving around the Island — for fun and for work — and that's how he gets many of his photos.

Al Douglas stumbled upon this field of cows while on a drive through P.E.I. (Al Douglas)

"Just drive and follow those back roads and get lost and see what you find. That's how I found my favourite spots in P.E.I.," he said.

5. Alana Sprague (@lansphotography)

Alana Sprague's photos are bright and beautiful and colourful.

Alana Sprague captured St. Dunstan's Basilica 'bathed in the light of golden hour' on a walk home through downtown Charlottetown. (Alana Sprague)

That's no accident. She wants to put a positive spin on everyday life with her photos.

"I see it as showing the Island in the way that I see it," she said.

6. Bryan Maynard (@brymay14)

A farmer in Arlington, P.E.I., Bryan Maynard captures candid moments from life on the farm.

With the tractor and potato field in the foreground, and St. Patrick's Church in the background, Bryan Maynard says this is one of his favourite photos. (Bryan Maynard)

"I've kind of taken it upon myself to try and bridge the gap between regular, everyday society and the farming world," he said.

"Not everybody truly understands what it's like to be a farmer anymore."

7. Barbara Mayhew (@peibistro)

Barbara Mayhew is a food blogger, and her photos highlight what P.E.I. has to offer for your dinner plate — and some of the great spots to enjoy a meal.

This beach-side picnic features lobster-filled croissants. Barbara Mayhew has several picnic baskets, and always chooses one that fits with the setting. (Barbara Mayhew)

A "favourite summertime pastime" for her is to "go off on a roadtrip for the day and we'll pack a picnic lunch."

8. Nick Tweel (@nicktweel)

Nick Tweel works as a surf guard in P.E.I. in the summer, so it's no surprise many of his photos capture life on the coast.

Nick Tweel works as a surf guard, meaning he's often at the beach to capture dramatic moments. He caught this lightening at Brackley Beach during the Surf Guard Competition. (Nick Tweel)

"I just think [P.E.I. is] almost like summer paradise," he said. "It's not tropical, but it's unique in its own way."

9. Rachel Peters (@iamrachelpeters)

If there's one word to describe Rachel Peters' photography, it's "love."

From the newlyweds who hire her to shoot their weddings to her love of the Island, she seeks out "pictures that tell a good story or just capture a lot of love."

Rachel Peters says this photo captures what her Instagram feed is all about — love. It was taken with her film camera, which she says gives her photo a 'dreamy' quality. (Rachel Peters)

"I am in love with love … I feel it's important to be involved in community and to take in and share the love that's around you," she said.

Are you snapping photos of the Island as well? Tag @cbcpei in your photos to share them with us.