Ten P.E.I. artists are part of an exhibit being announced Thursday in Toronto that will be on display in Venice, Italy in the fall. 

The exhibition involves 759 Canadian artists as part of Italian clothing magnate Luciano Benetton's "world map," said curator Francesca Valente, who chose the artists representing Central and Eastern Canada.

"The reason why I included 10 artists from Prince Edward Island was truly to give the Maritime provinces the visibility they deserve and give a voice to artists who don't have one yet at the international level," she said. 

The project displays 10 centimetre by 12 centimetre canvases​ displaying works of art, such as paintings, photographs or sculptures.

The project alternates between countries, and this year is Canada's turn to be recognized.

"It tries to draw a map of the new art in Canada," said Valente.

Island artists

The Island artists included in the project are Becka Viau, Gerald Beaulieu, Christine Trainor, Hans Wendt, the late Lionel Stevenson, Norma Jean MacLean, Brian Burke, Judith Scherer, Eun-Mee Yang and Donald Andrus.

It will be on display in Venice from Aug. 29 to Oct. 29. Valente said the dates of the exhibit were intended to coincide with the Biennale, when thousands of people flock to Venice to see art.

The exhibition can be seen online, but Valente is hoping to bring it to Canada in 2018.

Expected to attend Thursday's announcement in Toronto are Canadian artists Edward Burtynsky, Michael Snow, Joanne Tod, David Blackwood, Robert Houle and Jack Diamond.

Margaret Atwood has also contributed a piece for the exhibit.

With files from Laura Chapin