Dr. Rhonda MacDonald is chopping off the locks to raise funds for the PEI Humane Society.

As the Humane Society's lone shelter veterinarian, MacDonald oversees all the animals coming in and out of the shelter, making sure they're healthy, vaccinated, spayed, neutered and micro chipped.

She says the shelter doesn't have the right equipment to prepare for an "everchanging" slew for animals, so a lot of the work has to be outsourced to the Atlantic Veterinary College.

"We think that we have it conquered and that day it just explodes with cats coming in — our kennels are empty and then they're full in a matter of seconds," MacDonald said.

"If we had more equipment we could take on more of the challenges that the animals present us in-house as opposed to having to farm them out."

Hopes to raise $5,000

Though the shelter has plenty of equipment needs, their priority right now is to install soundproofing in the building.

"Where I work now the way the shelter is configured, my little hole in the wall, as I like to call it, is unfortunately between where the dogs are housed," she said.

"That would be the overall thing that would make everybody's life easier in the shelter — but anything in the way of medical equipment would be helpful."

The Humane Society is promoting MacDonald's fundraiser through its Facebook page.

MacDonald plans to raise $5,000 and have her head shaved on Nov. 5

With files from Island Morning