The owner and operator of a horse sanctuary in South Granville, P.E.I. says she is thrilled to be named the first winner of the Heroes of the Horse Award offered by Horse Canada Magazine. 

The award recognizes people who rescue and care for horses throughout Canada.

Yogi Fell runs the Handibear Hills Horse Sanctuary where she takes care of horses and provides free programs to children and adults.

The magazine had received 50 submissions to be considered for the award and that list was whittled down to 10 candidates, one of whom was Fells. 

Lots of votes

"I was very fortunate to be one of them and then the voting began." 

The public was allowed  to vote online and could vote once every 24 hours. 

Fell said she knew in all the years she has been running her programs and operation that she had at least 700 children take part. She'd also helped many international students with projects. 

"When voting began it was just amazing, the support," she said. 

Fell said groups of people were voting from across the globe. When the votes were tallied, she had 4,200. 

"It was utterly amazing, everybody just came together." 

Fell wins a cash prize of $2,000, which she said she can use at the horse sanctuary. She will also be featured in the November-December issue of Horse Canada magazine.

"The money is wonderful but what I think is more wonderful is people have recognized what I do. It's very rewarding." 

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