A UPEI researcher is investigating how single mothers in the province deal with being homeless.

Janis MacLellan-Peters, a professor in the UPEI School of Nursing, is looking for single mothers on P.E.I. who are homeless or have been in the past.

'People who are couch-surfing, that captures people that  are maybe in hospital.' - Janis MacLellan-Peters

MacLellan-Peters said homelessness is a topic many women don't want to talk about, and it doesn't necessarily mean living on the street.

"Homelessness for the purposes of my study means not having appropriate affordable housing," she said.

"That captures people who are couch-surfing, that captures people that are maybe in hospital and are not being discharged because there's nowhere for them to go, that captures people who are in interim housing, maybe staying at a shelter while trying to secure housing."

MacLellan-Peters hopes her research will influence future policies around things like social assistance.  

She is looking for mothers who are homeless, who have been homeless, or are concerned they might become homeless.

Participants have to have at least one child under the age of 18, and a translator will be made available for people who don't speak English.