The Coach's Corner segment that aired during the Hockeyville broadcast from P.E.I. Monday night featured a hand-made jacket by O'Leary resident Sheila LeClair.

LeClair was asked by the local Hockeyville committee to make a jacket for Don Cherry, who is known for his colourful couture. She didn't have much to go on, just that his size is 44 regular.

"I knew I wanted to do potatoes because when I think of O'Leary I think about potatoes," LeClair said.

"Our local fabric shop, which is Fabric, Crafts N' More, she has theme stuff all the time. We had potatoes, because of our potato museum, of course. She donated all the material for the jackets and we just went from there."

She also created a matching tie for Ron MacLean.

She was in the stands when the duo took to the ice for the live Hockeyville broadcast. Tuesday morning she's back on her school bus run, delivering students to O'Leary schools.