Rebecca Bartlett, who is originally from Charlottetown, and her boyfriend Jim Ellwood have now completed about a third of their goal to visit all 87 locations featured in Heritage Minutes.

The 60-second videos shown on television feature significant moments in Canada's history. 

Bartlett said the idea for the road trip started after Ellwood read an article that ranked all the Heritage Minutes.

"He brought it up on conversation back in December and we thought oh well let's see if it's even doable to visit a location in Canada for every single heritage minute and that's basically how it got started,"  said Bartlett.

A way to see the country

The couple did a lot of research before deciding they would try to visit them all by the end of 2018. 

Bartlett said part of the attraction of doing it is seeing a lot of Canada. 

"It's to see the country and in a way to learn more about Canadian history," she said,

"We've learned a lot already, let alone when we've actually gotten to these places." 

East coast road trip

To date, the couple have visited 32 of the locations featured in the Heritage Minutes. 

"We did an east coast road trip in June, locations that we found in the Atlantic provinces," said Bartlett.

That included a visit to the P.E.I. location featured in the Heritage Minute called The Meeting of the School Trustees featured in Robert Harris's painting.

While the original school house is no longer standing, the couple visited the schoolhouse in nearby Canoe Cove, which was also the subject of a Harris painting.

Heading west

The couple takes a picture of the minute location and posts it along with some information on their Instagram account

The couple are now visiting locations in Ontario and Quebec and will then doing a three-week road trip in western Canada. 

With files from Island Morning