The premier has decided the government will start fresh when it begins the spring sitting of the P.E.I. legislature Tuesday, April 5.

The current session of the 65th General Assembly has been prorogued and Premier Wade MacLauchlan will open his government's second session with a new speech from the throne.

"This government's first speech from the throne was delivered in the spring of 2015 and so there will be another one this spring," said the premier's office in an email to CBC News. 

The move means a few bills sitting on the order paper at the end of the last sitting will have to be reintroduced before they can be passed, while other bills that were sent to committees for review can come back before the House, including a bill to provide disclosure on the write-off of government loans, which was the topic of considerable debate in the fall sitting.

"During the last sitting, government committed to reviewing the Act to Amend the Financial Administration Act and addressing it in a future sitting," the email stated. 

Another bill that remains in committee is the Well-being Measurement Act, introduced by Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker.