The golf course at French River is usually the first on the Prince Edward Island to open — this year, that opening is just far earlier than normal. 

The 18-hole course has already been open for more than a week, said owner Wilber Lamont, with half a dozen people enjoying the course Monday. 

He's amazed this winter's snow came and went so quickly. 

"We've never seen anything like this before," said Lamont. "To have all 18 holes open. Last year was the fourth of May, we had the first 15 open. This year it's so different."

The grass on the French River course is hardy enough to withstand the traffic, he adds.

"We have an organic, pesticide-free golf course. It's not as tender as other golf courses, high-end, that couldn't take the chance."

The course's surface is not quite as "fast" as other greens because of the weeds. But that doesn't matter to many of the enthusiasts who frequent French River.

"Quite a few of them don't even keep score," Lamont laughed. "They don't mind, they just accept us as we are." 

French River Golf Course

Enjoying the late-February sunshine on the French River Golf Course. (Submitted by Janet Haslam)

Perhaps surprisingly, the February opening is not a record. One year, Lamont recalls, the course hosted players in every month of the year, although they had to use bright green golf balls that could be found in the snow. 

The course has been open for 20 years and advertises it usually opens April 1. Green fees are $20.