If the province did design a food waste strategy, the Charlottetown food bank said it would want to be part of consultations along with other food banks, grocery stores, the agriculture community and other stakeholders.

The Official Opposition tabled a bill this week calling on the P.E.I. government to develop a food waste strategy.

Mike MacDonald, the general manager of the Upper Room Food Bank, said the food banks need to be a part of the discussions so they are not overwhelmed with food.

"It's a big conversation to have and making sure that any product that is going to be wasted, is getting to people who can use it," MacDonald said.

Partnering with Sobeys

The head of the Charlottetown food bank said it just started partnering with Sobeys two months ago to divert food waste. The food bank receives non-sellable bakery products, fruits, vegetables and meat frozen before the best-before date expires. 

He added they are looking for other sources, but he's cautious about it growing too big too fast because the food bank has to be able to use the food it receives.

"We are looking what we may be able to do with other companies but we want to ensure that we don't overstep our capacity and any products that we bring in, we certainly want to get right to our clients," MacDonald said.

With files from Laura Chapin