The public is being invited to many of the events at Flotilla, the biennial gathering of artist-run centres being held in Charlottetown this weekend.

The conference includes several pop-up exhibits in shops on Great George Street between Grafton and Euston, and a floating exhibit space on the waterfront.

"Put your imagination lenses on because you never know what will pop up," said project manager Becka Viau.

Artists at Flotilla in Charlottetown, 2017

Artist Josh Collins, curator Zach Gough, artist Andrew Maize and project manager Becka Viau on the floating gallery. (Mitch Cormier/CBC)

Working with a team of architecture students from Dalhousie University, the conference has established a floating gallery on the waterfront in Victoria Park. Artists exhibiting in the space have had to consider wind, tide and weather in creating their pieces. Curator Zach Gough said some artists have embraced that challenge.

"They involve the elements," Gough said.

"A number of our artists are considering the water specifically and building projects that revolve around the water."

The Flotilla conference opens Thursday and runs through to Sunday.