P.E.I. Premier Wade MacLauchlan is pleased Canada's first ministers conference in Vancouver has resulted in an agreement to work together to transition to a lower-carbon future.

The agreement calls for a broad suite of measures that will include putting a price on carbon use in an effort to reduce emissions and meet climate change goals.

'We have to move to a cleaner climate that's going to be there for future generations.' — P.E.I. Premier Wade MacLauchlan

"We really are pleased that we got a Vancouver declaration. The 13 premiers and the Prime Minister agreeing to work together on this to transition to a lower-carbon future," MacLauchlan told CBC News in a phone interview from Vancouver.

More study needed

The first ministers have formed a working group to look at a carbon pricing mechanism, he said, and study what will work best for the different parts of Canada.

"I think that's something we have to find out more about, what actually works," he said of a carbon tax. "That's exactly why we've given ourselves six months to work at this."

MacLauchlan believes P.E.I. should be recognized and credited for progress it has made in moving to renewable energy such as wind, but he feels more needs to be done.  

"We have to work at this and none of us is going to get off with a no-hassle pass. We have to move to a cleaner climate that's going to be there for future generations," he said, noting P.E.I. is at risk when it comes to weather and sea level changes.

MacLauchlan notes that in addition to a working group on a carbon pricing mechanism, the provinces have formed working groups on clean technology, innovation and jobs, carbon reduction and adaptation.

The premiers will reconvene on the matter in late fall.

With files from Angela Walker