The P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture is welcoming this week's announcement that a field pea processor is setting up in Slemon Park.

New Leaf Essentials East has set a target to contract 2,000 hectares of field peas in 2017, and sees potential for further growth.

David Mol

The new crop will help farmers with crop rotation requirements, says David Mol. (P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture)

"An additional [2,000 hectares] of crops on P.E.I. may mean some idle land is brought back into production and this is good news for the province," said federation president David Mol in a news release.

Mol is hopeful this new growing opportunity could bring economic benefits to the agricultural community across the Island.

Having a new crop to grow will help farmers with the environmental challenges they face while trying to deal with the need for crop rotation and soil rejuvenation, he said.