There was some welcome rain on P.E.I. last week, but farmers say it will need to keep coming for a good potato crop.

Agriculture Canada declared a moderate drought on P.E.I. on Aug. 8. At the time, farmers said if they got about 25 millimetres of rain a week for the rest of the growing season they should be OK.

With two days of rain last week some farmers got that, but not all.

"We didn't get that much here. I think we're at about five millimetres," said Terry Curley, co-owner of Monaghan Farms.

"It varied a lot. A week ago we got 20 mils, or 21 mils, so the last three weeks we've been getting some rain. I think enough that it perked them up."

The rain fell hardest in central P.E.I., with a little over 25 millimetres measured at Charlottetown Airport, but less than four in Summerside.

Curley said it's too soon to know whether his crop will be negatively impacted by the dry season.

With files from Sarah MacMillan