PC byelection candidate Melissa Hilton is disappointed by how one of her campaign signs was defaced.

Members of her campaign team discovered a sign with a penis drawn on her face.

Hilton said some damage to signs isn't unusual during an election race, but called the incident discouraging.

"It's at a time when we're trying to engage more females to be more active in public life," Hilton said.

"In today's day and age you hope that we all deserve better. It's very demeaning what happened to one of my signs to not just myself but to all females."

melissa hilton sign

Melissa Hilton says the damage is discouraging. (PC Party)

Hilton and her team feel her signs are being targeted more than the other parties' signs, with a number of her signs defaced and knocked down over the weekend.

But they don't yet have any plans to complain to Elections P.E.I.

The byelection in Charlottetown-Parkdale is Nov. 27.

With files from Laura Chapin