Another attempt was made this week to get answers on P.E.I.'s failed e-gaming scheme, and once again the Liberals thwarted that effort.

The official Opposition has a long list of witnesses it wants before the public accounts committee, but it is continually overruled by the Liberal majority on the committee.

The issue dates back to a failed attempt by the province from 2009-12 to make the province a centre for the regulation of internet gambling.

Wes Sheridan

The Progressive Conservatives would like to hear from former finance minister Wes Sheridan. (CBC)

Progressive Conservative MLA Sidney MacEwen put forward the motion that would have seen former premier Robert Ghiz and former finance minister Wes Sheridan answering questions about the plan.

"I tried again. It is disappointing. I know my constituents won't be happy and those wanting to get even more details on e-gaming won't be happy," said MacEwen.

"We're not going to stop. That's our job as opposition and we're going to keep going until we find out all the details."

MacEwen said he hopes to eventually be able to slip a motion past the Liberals so questions about e-gaming can be put to the people involved with the failed plan.

A year ago the Tories found themselves with a majority of votes on the public accounts committee and managed to pass a motion to call a number of e-gaming witnesses. But at the next meeting, their majority restored, the Liberals voted to rescind that motion.