Whenever a tractor starts up on Ayr Bay Farm in St. Peter's, P.E.I., Molly the border collie starts spinning.

The farm posted a video on it's Facebook page Wednesday showing off Molly's excitement.   

"It's always nice to have your own personal cheering section every … time someone gets on a the tractor!" reads the post.

'Since she was a pup'

It seems to be a common trait for the breed, with other border collie owners posting they've seen the same thing.

"She's done this since she was a pup," said farm owner Peter Rossiter.

He admits that she has "gotten a bit too close to a vehicle once or twice," but the family knows to keep an eye out for her so she doesn't get harmed by the machinery.

Not much for herding cows

The Ayr Bay farm raises purebred Ayrshire cattle, but Rossiter admitted Molly isn't much for herding cows.

"Let's say she's a farm dog, but not that useful," he said tactfully, after pausing for a minute.

Molly does however bring a dizzying amount of joy every time the tractor roars.