Watch this adorable Aussiedoodle ride on a snowmobile

Watch an Aussiedoodle in Kensington, P.E.I., take a ride on a snowmobile.

'I say, 'We're taking the snowmobile' and he's on it before I am'

Auzzie the dog on a snowmobile 0:31

As soon as the first snowfall of the season hits, you can bet there's at least one happy camper on P.E.I. — an Aussiedoodle who's taken a liking to riding a snowmobile.

Mike Champion sent CBC News a video of the Auzzie taking a short ride around his Kensington yard.

Auzzie is seen jumping up on the snowmobile, eagerly waiting for Champion to take him for a spin.

"We have a snowmobile cabin back in the woods, and I say, 'Do you want to go to the cabin?' and he's out the door," said Champion. "I say, 'We're taking the snowmobile,' and he's on it before I am."

Auzzie has been riding on the snowmobile since he was a puppy. (Mike Champion/Facebook)

And he's not limited to snowmobiles.

Auzzie also rides on Champion's ATV, motorcycle — and even his ride-on lawnmower.

"I had him out one time on the four-wheeler. I was out with a bunch of the boys and we were out for probably four hours and he was with us the whole time. He just loves it," he said.

Champion isn't wearing a helmet in the video, he said, because it was a very short ride at a slow speed. He said he does wear a helmet on longer drives.


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