A dead whale discovered on beach in western P.E.I. on Sunday has been confirmed as a minke.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans identified the species of the whale after Rick and Bethe Cameron came across the three metre long carcass Sunday afternoon while going for walk in Cape Wolfe.

"Neither of us had ever seen a whale up this close and under those circumstances. And it was sad, seeing a beautiful animal like that, dead," said Rick Cameron.

He said they didn't notice any damage to the whale.

Minke whale

This dead minke whale was discovered in western P.E.I. on Sunday. (Submitted by Bethe Cameron)

"We don't know," he said. "Perhaps it was a very natural death. Maybe this was an older whale." 

In an email to CBC News, DFO spokesperson Krista Petersen said the minke whale was seen floating off western P.E.I. on Saturday and then it was reported to DFO that the carcass was on shore near Cape Wolfe, P.E.I.

"There are no obvious signs of entanglement or serious injury on the carcass," Petersen said. 

DFO does not plan to conduct a necropsy or take samples.

Minke whales are not endangered, according to DFO.

Since June, the carcasses of 13 right whales — which are an endangered species — have been found in Maritime waters.


The minke whale carcass was discovered by a man walking along the beach in Cape Wolfe. (Submitted by Bethe Cameron)

Minke whale

Minke whales are not endangered, according to DFO. (Submitted by Bethe Cameron)

With files from Steve Bruce