P.E.I. Premier Wade MacLauchlan has seen his party's support fall off once again in the quarterly poll from Corporate Research Associates.

Back in August 2016, the Liberals held the support of about two thirds of voters polled. That fell to about half in November and held there in February, but dropped 10 percentage points in the poll done in May.

The Liberals remain the favoured party. The Progressive Conservatives appear to be the beneficiary of the drop in Liberal support, with their support up seven per cent, just outside the margin of error of the poll.

The number of undecided was largely unchanged in May, but at 25 per cent is still relatively high.

CRA poll results: If an election were held today on Prince Edward Island, for which party would you vote?

Aug. Nov. Feb. May
Liberal 64% 46% 48% 38%
PC 19% 25% 19% 26%
Green 9% 22% 26% 26%
NDP 8% 7% 7% 10%
Results for February within 6.9 percentage points

The poll suggests Green Leader Peter Bevan-Baker is consolidating his position as leader of choice.

MacLauchlan's support fell in the poll, and Bevan-Baker's was up. The net result puts the difference between the two outside the margin of error.

Bevan-Baker's lead was just five percentage points in February, but increased to 13 percentage points in May.

CRA poll results:  Which one of the following individuals would you most prefer as Premier of Prince Edward Island?
Aug. Nov. Feb. May
Peter Bevan-Baker (Green) 22% 31% 34% 37%
Wade MacLauchlan (Liberal) 46% 37% 29% 24%
Jamie Fox (PC) 11% 13% 12% 15%
Mike Redmond (NDP) 5% 5% 4% 6%
Results within 5.6 percentage points

The poll reached 304 people by telephone between May 9 and June 1.