Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker moved ahead of Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan as first choice for premier in the most recent poll from Corporate Research Associates.

The February edition of the quarterly poll had Bevan-Baker about the same as in November, with the support of one third of Islanders. MacLauchlan's lead meanwhile fell eight points to 29 per cent. Bevan-Baker's lead is within the 5.6 percentage point margin of error for the poll.

CRA poll results:  Which one of the following individuals would you most prefer as Premier of Prince Edward Island?
May Aug. Nov. Feb.
Wade MacLauchlan (Liberal) 38% 46% 37% 29%
Peter Bevan-Baker (Green) 27% 22% 31% 34%
Jamie Fox (PC) 13% 11% 13% 12%
Mike Redmond (NDP) 7% 5% 5% 4%
Results within 5.6 percentage points

Satisfaction with the MacLauchlan's Liberal government also took a hit, with just half of those reached completely or mostly satisfied, down from 60 per cent in November.

Support for the parties themselves is largely stable. The Progressive Conservatives suffered the largest drop, but the change is with the 6.9 percentage point margin of error for decided voters. The Liberals still retain the support of half of decided voters.

CRA poll results: If an election were held today on Prince Edward Island, for which party would you vote?

May Aug. Nov. Feb.
Liberal 58% 64% 46% 48%
PC 20% 19% 25% 19%
Green 16% 9% 22% 26%
NDP 7% 8% 7% 7%
Results for February within 6.9 percentage points

The number of undecided voters was up significantly, to 24 per cent from 15 per cent in November.

The poll reached 304 Islanders by phone between Feb. 3 and March 1.