Support for P.E.I.'s Liberal Party was up in August in an increasingly volatile political atmosphere, according to the most recent poll from Corporate Research Associates.

The Liberal bump came at the expense of the Green Party. Even given the margin of error of 6.8 percentage points among decided voters, the change the poll found in support for the two parties since May was notable.

  • Liberal: up 7 to 45%
  • Green: down 8 to 18%

The changes give the Liberals a clear lead again. In May their lead position was within the margin of error of the poll.

Looking back over the last five polls shows volatility in voter support.

The number of undecided was largely unchanged in the last three polls, and at 26 per cent is relatively high. A further 8 per cent refused to state or don't plan to vote.

While party support is volatile, the choice for premier has remained stable over the last three polls. In August Green Leader Peter Bevan-Baker was the choice of 37 percent of those surveyed. While Premier Wade MacLauchlan was the choice of 26 per cent.

The overall margin of error for the poll is 5.6 percentage points with a 95 per cent confidence level.

The poll reached 301 people by telephone between Aug. 3 and Sept. 1.