While volunteering in Zambia in 2013, P.E.I. couple Peter and Corina Bolo discovered a school that was unfinished due to lack of funds.

'As retired teachers, kids certainly have a special place in our heart.' - Peter Bolo

On their return home to Northport, the retired teachers began raising money to help complete the empty classroom shells.

"As retired teachers, kids certainly have a special place in our heart," said Bolo.

Thanks to their efforts and those of three Ottawa-area individuals, $35,000 was raised about a year ago and construction on the school was completed.

This month, the Bolos are returning to Africa on their fourth Habitat for Humanity adventure and will have the opportunity to see the finished school first-hand.

The two new classrooms will allow 200 more children from the community of Kamanaga, just outside the country's capital of Lusaka, go from kindergarten to Grade 3, Peter Bolo told CBC Radio's Island Morning.

Although there's a public school right across the road, many parents or guardians don't have the money to buy mandatory uniforms or school supplies.

"These are all the most vulnerable children in the community. They are all either single or double orphans, meaning they're missing one or both parents, and there's major illness in the families, a lot of times HIV or AIDS and that could be the kids as well," said Bolo.

"It will give them the basic literacy and numeracy skills that otherwise they wouldn't get … It's a least a start and a chance."

The Bolos will use an extra $3,000 to help teachers buy classroom supplies.