A development in Cornwall, designed to meet the needs of seniors while they age, is another step closer to getting built.

Three resolutions were approved to move the project forward at Wednesday night's council meeting. The developers, Privateers Enterprises Inc., call it a multi-stage seniors' housing complex. 

It will have two seniors-friendly apartments, 60 townhouses, and a 60-unit community-care facility, all on a single 2.4-hectare lot. The idea is that as residents age, they can move from one type of living to another in the same spot, depending on their needs.

"It's very exciting because it gives people who are getting on in age, like myself, a little bit of an option in terms of staying in Cornwall," said Coun. Peter Meggs, chair of the planning board.

peter meggs

Coun. Peter Meggs is excited to see the project moving forward. (Natalia Goodwin/CBC )

"Having a living situation where they can be in a particular type of development and residence where their needs are met but then as their needs become greater then they can move into another development."

But before it could go ahead it needed approvals from council. Wednesday night a special permit for the project was approved. Then for the first apartment building, which will be 42 units, a height variance. The developer will also be entering into an agreement that will stipulate the height can not go above 44 feet (13.4 metres).  

Council also passed a resolution allowing the developers to take advantage of the accessibility bonus, a clause in the Zoning and Subdivision Control bylaw.  It allows developers to increase their density by 10 per cent in cases where at least 10 per cent of the total dwelling units meet the barrier-free design regulations of the National Building Code. 

Meggs said council is very happy to see this project moving forward.