It will be a bit more expensive to leave P.E.I. in the new year, with tolls for the Confederation Bridge set to rise Jan. 1, 2018.

Two-axle vehicles, such as cars or SUVs, saw the biggest increase of 50 cents to $47.

Tolls will go up 25 cents for motorcycles. Tolls won't increase for cyclists, and for vehicles with more than two-axles, the toll won't increase for each additional axle.

The increases are as follows:

  • Motorcycle - $18.75 (an increase of $0.25).
  • Two-axle vehicle - $47.00 (an increase of $0.50).
  • Each additional axle - $8.00 (no change).
  • Pedestrian - $4.50 (increase of $0.25).
  • Cyclist - $8.75 (no change).

Tolls are only charged when leaving P.E.I.