A jury has found Gregory Stuart Collicutt not guilty of dangerous driving causing death, and Collicutt left the Summerside, P.E.I., courthouse with his family Tuesday night. 

The jury, made up of seven women and five men, reached its verdict a little after 5 p.m. Tuesday. Court resumed at 6 p.m.

Supreme Court Justice Tracey Clements instructed the jury for three hours Tuesday morning in Summerside, reminding them they had to agree on the verdict, and urging them to "keep an open mind."

"Do not hesitate to change your opinion but also do not give up your sincerely held views. Do not change your opinion just to get this case over with," Clements said.

Collicutt was present during Clements's charge to the jury, and several of his family members were in court with him.

Collicutt did not testify during the trial.

However, an expert witness for the defence testified Collcutt may have stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake by mistake.

Juries are not required to explain their reasoning for a verdict, and are not allowed to discuss anything that was not said in open court. 

With files from Brian Higgins