Swimmers in Summerside can now add a plunge into the pool to their visits to Credit Union Place.

"Which for kids is probably the most fun part, the most rewarding part is getting to the top and then being able to free fall from 16 feet into the water,"explained J.P. Desrosiers, director of Community Services for the City of Summerside.

Lifeguard Jessica Lewis uses the new aquatics climbing wall in Summerside0:23

The five-metre-high aquatics wall features hand and foot holds, like a traditional climbing wall, with an overhang out over the water. 

"It looks like your typical rock climbing wall that you would see on land, but it starts three or four feet under water so you can get in it from the water level," described Desrosiers.

"It's arched outward so basically when you get to the top or you get as far as you can climb, you simply just drop into the deep end."

Looks like a glacier

Aquatics wall 1

Lifeguard Jessica Lewis demonstrates how to use the new aquatic climbing wall at Credit Union Place in Summerside. (Nancy Russell/CBC)

The Summerside version of the wall is glacier-style, made of a crystal clear material so it looks like ice, and makes it look as if the person is climbing in the air.

"The best part about it is it's been lined up ever since we got it," added Desrosiers. "We had a PD day on Friday and it was lined up, literally, from morning until we closed."

But the aquatic climbing wall is not just for kids.

"It's certainly open to adults and I have a feeling that adults will want to try it," laughed Desrosiers. "There have been a few eyeing it, me being one."

Keep them guessing

Aquatics wall 3

The new aquatics wall at Credit Union Place is 5 metres high. (Nancy Russell/CBC)

Pool staff can change the track on the way up the wall, which they'll do after a few months to "keep kids guessing", according to Desrosiers.

The wall, manufactured by Kersplash, cost $17,000, plus installation.