Charlottetown's Youth Retention Advisory Board has launched an anonymous online survey to ask youth how they feel about access to affordable housing in the city.

Some of the questions include how much money you make, how much you pay in rent, and are you satisfied with your living arrangement. 

The goal is to use the information to create a youth housing strategy, which could potentially impact government policies in the future.

"What our goal is with this survey is really to get an idea of who is currently here in Charlottetown and their perspectives on what the housing market looks like to them," said Youth Retention Advisory Board member Alex Youland.

"We ask questions to help gain a better perspective of that in the sense of what types of earnings are they making, are they working full-time or part-time, and then compare that to what they feel is relevant when it comes to the housing that's available."

The survey is open to anyone between 16 and 35 who lives in Charlottetown now or is thinking about moving back.

The survey is available on the city's website and is open until Feb. 16.