The City of Charlottetown is receiving funding that will bring it one step closer to developing its greenhouse gas reduction strategy.

Charlottetown's community greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategy is receiving $99,900 from the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program, a climate change program run by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

The funding will cover 80 per cent of the total project costs.

"This will allow us to really get a larger vision for the City of Charlottetown from an energy and emissions perspective and give us a plan for moving forward," said Ramona Doyle, sustainability officer with the City of Charlottetown.

Funding will serve as salary support

The city has been closely monitoring the emissions of its facilities and is looking for opportunities to save energy, fuel and electricity costs, Doyle said.

This new funding will allow the city to expand its strategy to monitor emissions and energy across the entire jurisdiction, she added.

The funding will also serve as salary support for project team members and will help fund the production of the final report as well as a public consultation.

It also includes funding for a monitoring project to measure air quality, temperature and other indicators associated with greenhouse gas emissions.

Total project cost is $125K

Charlottetown's strategy is one of 103 initiatives across the country to receive funding under one of the federation's two new municipal funding programs.

The strategy will also be funded by Maritime Electric and efficiencyPEI.

The city estimates the project will cost $125,000 to complete.