Do you think of Charlottetown as a hip city? When you think of the cuisine, the culture, and the people who call it home, it's difficult to think otherwise.

In case you still have your doubts, here are some hip places to hang out, according to Sarah Segal-Lazar — the director of the Island Fringe Festival.

1. Receiver Coffee Co.

128 Richmond Street

A roaster and coffee shop, Receiver Coffee Co. has a prime patio and a cozy upstairs loft.

Receiver Coffee

Receiver Coffee Co. is an independently-owned coffee shop with a selection of food and drink, and a large patio outside. (Receiver Coffee Co./Facebook)

They're not just a coffee stop — they have a full food menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and local beer can be found among their beverage list.

2. Fishies on the Roof

136 Richmond Street (upstairs)

On the rooftop above Fishbones Oyster Bar, Fishies on the Roof is a great place to take in the city from up top.

Fishies on the Roof

Get a roof-top view of the city at Fishies on the Roof. (Fishbones Oyster Bar and Grill)

There you can get food and drinks, listen to live music — and, of course, check out some stellar views of the city.

3. Victoria Row

Richmond Street between Queen and Great George Streets

Both Receiver and Fishies on the Roof are located on Victoria Row, but the street deserves a mention unto itself.

In the summer, this block of Richmond Street is closed off to car traffic, and a stage is set up for live music.

Victoria Row

You can play checkers on the picnic tables on Victoria Row day or night. (Pat Martel/CBC)

You can take it in from one of the adjoining patios, or set yourself up at a picnic table for a game of checkers.

4. Small Print Board Game Cafe

119 Grafton Street

Drop by Small Print Board Game Cafe for a selection of more than 300 board games, along with a menu that's loaded with snacks and local beers.

Small Print Cafe

There are more than 300 board games to choose from at Small Print Board Game Cafe. (Small Print Board Game Cafe/Facebook)

The cafe charges a $5 cover which allows you to stay as long as you like and play as many games as you want.

5. The Alley

200 Richmond Street

This bowling alley is hip, and not in an ironic way. With black lights on the lanes and a full menu with a large selection of craft beer, it's the place to be.

The Alley

Even the bowling alley is cool in Charlottetown. (The Alley/Facebook)

This spot regularly features live music on the lanes, creating a unique concert venue.

With files from Jean-Luc Bouchard