Prince Edward Island had a median income growth slightly above the national average between 2005 and 2015, according to census figures released Wednesday.

And it was rural P.E.I. leading the way.

Median income on P.E.I. grew 11.1 per cent over the decade between the censuses, but growth was lower in both of the Island's cities.

  • Charlottetown: 9.2%
  • Summerside: 6.4%

Median income is the amount where half of a population earns more, and the other half earns less.

Nationally income growth was 10.8 per cent.

Highest in Maritimes

With that growth, P.E.I. passed Nova Scotia to have the highest median income in the region.

Maritime median incomes map, 2015 census

The province's income was still only 87 per cent of the national average of $70,336.

Low-income households

P.E.I.'s relatively low median income is reflected in the number of families living in low-income households.

Just as the Island has the third-lowest median income among the provinces and territories, it also has the third highest percentage of adults living in low-income homes, with the rate higher in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

P.E.I. ranks fourth in child poverty, with Manitoba also having a worse record.

Per cent living in low-income households
Children Adults
Manitoba 21.9% 13.5%

New Brunswick



Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island



Nationally, the census found a trend toward fewer children living in poverty, but more seniors.