Somerset Elementary School in Kinkora is using bottled water after sediment appeared in its well earlier this week.

John Cummings, director of corporate services, said they tried making repairs on Wednesday and are monitoring the well to see if the water is safe to drink again. The repairs included lifting the pump and shortening the casing on the well.

"The hope would be that since we had been getting some sediment, that that would hopefully improve the situation where we wouldn't be getting sediment in the water," Cummings said.

"We'll be monitoring that over the next few days to see if [the repairs have] made any improvements and if it has, then we would be going to take tests and ensure the water is fine and then we would be re-implementing it for drinking water."

He said there had not been a significant amount of bottled water brought in for the 156 students at the school. Cummings expects it to take a few days to see if the repairs worked and for testing to be done before the school will be on well water again.

With files from Laura Chapin