Developer Tim Banks has plans to build a $30 million, 25-hectare resort at Tracadie Harbour.

Banks said his company has a permit to build a 20-unit hotel of eight semi-detached units, and a 41-lot subdivision.

APM expects to start work on Blackbush at Tracadie Harbour in the fall, and to hit the market next spring, he said.

The way it was

Banks said his development will "respect the landscape" by working with the natural environment in the area, which he describes as "a very open, barren … dune system."

"I'm very proud of what we do, and I'm very proud of what I'm going to do out in my community," Banks said. "I'm happy that I'm going to be able to invest some money there and get it spent around in our communty."

Banks said part of the inspiration for Blackbush comes from Cabot Cliffs in Cape Breton.

"When I go over to Cabot Cliffs in Cape Breton I've been really intrigued with how they developed their property, and with the respect that they've shown to the natural terrain of the land," he said.

"I think it's probably one of the most beautiful sites in North America."

Back from the beach

Banks said the plans have changed somewhat from a development he proposed for the same property in the mid-90s. That development had lots on the front of the property by the beach.

But the new development will be about around 300 metres from the dune-lined beach, but with bigger lots, Banks said.

Under provincial shoreline development regulations, the buildings must be at least 60 metres from the beach, because of the risk of coastal erosion, sea level rise and flooding. 

But Banks said he's not concerned about erosion affecting his development. The shoreline stabilization he did a number of years ago across the front of the property is helping to grow the beach, he said.

With files from Laura Chapin