Summer is almost over and the school year is just around the corner.

A good do-it-yourself project will not only be a cheap and fun alternative to going out and buying the things you need, but will also keep your kids busy for a few hours.

Confetti pencils

Confetti Pencils

This is an easy way to make your pencils unique. (Make and Tell)

This idea comes from Make and Tell.

Create a unique look for your pencils in a few easy steps using tape, some spray paint, coloured acrylic paint and hole reinforcement labels.

Start by taping off the tips and erasers on your pencils.

Then spray paint them with your base colour.

Place the hole reinforcers where you want to create the confetti effect and use the acrylic paint to fill the holes.

Wait for the paint to dry and you'll never get pencils mixed up with another person's again.

Notebook covers

Notebook covers

This DIY project is a simple way to differentiate a notebook from your run-of-the-mill notepads. (Maris' Blog)

This idea comes from Maris' Blog.

Creating a unique cover is easy, you just need a notebook, some spray paint, lace, newspaper and something you can spray onto.

Start out by spray paint the cover and place a piece of newspaper inside the front cover so you don't get paint on the pages.

Once you have your base colour on the notebook dried, tape your lace tightly to the cover so it won't move around.

Once in place, spray paint with your second colour and once it is dry take off your lace and check out the results.

Back to school jars


DIY back-to-school jars could be the perfect gift for a teacher. (The 36th Avenue)

Back-to-school jars are simple to make and can serve many purposes.

Use them to store school supplies, or fill them with treats and give them as a gift for classmates or teachers.

All you need is a mason jar, some paint and your creative instincts.

For detailed instructions visit The 36th Avenue.

Bubble wrap book marks

Bubble wrap book marks

Personalized book marks are an easy DIY project to get creative with. (Crafty Kids at Home)

Grab some cardboard, bubble wrap and decorations to make these page markers.

You might want to help your kids do the cutting, but once it's done sit back and watch the fun.

For full instructions visit Crafty Kids at Home.

Desktop organizer

Desktop Organizer

This one is little tougher but helps create a space for creation or desktop organization. (The Lovely Side)

This idea a little more work than the previous ideas but with the work comes a payoff.

The Lovely Side is where the full instructions can be found.

Once you're done this could be a desktop organizer, a magazine holder or an arts and crafts station for the kids.