RCMP in Kings County have acted on their "zero-tolerance" policy for off-road vehicles being operated illegally, seizing an all-terrain vehicle in Souris and handing the driver a ticket.

"They're not meant to be driven on the road," said Staff Sgt. Kevin Baillie with Kings District RCMP. "There's been a number of collisions in different areas of the province or injuries involving those operating these types of vehicles on the roadway."

Baillie said there have been several complaints about ATVs being operated illegally in Souris.

On Monday, a police officer saw an ATV being driven on the shoulder. The release said the officer didn't think he could safely stop the ATV there, but later found the ATV and driver behind the Souris rink.

"The driver made no attempt to flee. At that point, he was off the ATV," said Baillie.

The ATV was unregistered and the 15-year-old driver was issued a ticked of $150 for operating an unregistered off-highway vehicle.

"We towed the ATV and we called his mother, who came and picked him up at the rink parking lot."

Police say the ATV will be held until the owner can provide proof of registration.