Has Anne of Green Gables 'gone Hollywood'?

A Netflix poster promoting the eight-hour series in the United States has given Anne Shirley a makeover which some Islanders think is too 'Hollywood."

'It looks like they're trying to make her look more glamorous or prettier or something'

Some Islanders are criticizing a Netflix poster (right) that has changed Anne Shirley's appearance. (CBC)

When we think of Anne of Green Gables, some of the characteristics that stand out are her red hair, pigtails, light complexion, freckles and feisty demeanour.

Netflix, in a poster promoting the eight-hour series Anne for an American audience, has given Anne Shirley a makeover.

Gone are many of Anne's freckles and she appears to have acquired a bit of a tan. 

The series is set to begin streaming May 12 in the United States. The Netflix poster is a version of the one CBC uses to promote the show, which first aired on March 19

Amybeth McNulty is playing Anne Shirley in the new series on CBC and Netflix. (CBC/Northwood Entertainment)

Not everyone is happy with the makeover, as comments on social media clearly show.

People on the streets of Charlottetown also weighed in on Anne's new look. Anne is played by 14-year-old Irish actress Amybeth McNulty.

'More glamorous'

"Oh wow. Yeah, that is very different," said David Ramsay. "They've kind of gotten rid of the freckles, which is kind of iconic … She's about being yourself, so, they've kind of changed what the original intent was."

Gillian Marchbank added that she prefers Anne with freckles. 

"It looks like they're trying to make her look more glamorous or prettier or something," she said.

Martha Jewell said she preferred the Netflix version.

"The grey [background] kind of makes it seem dark," she said.

In terms of enhancing Anne's appearance on the Netflix poster, Jewell was indifferent.

"Pretty harmless," she said.

Too 'Hollywood'

Joanne Mulley said the Netflix poster makes Anne look "Hollywood."

"It's not the cute Anne," she said.

The original poster CBC used to promote the series is "true to form," Mulley said.

"It's who she is. It's natural. It's representative of Anne."

A media spokesperson for Netflix in the U.S. said on Saturday that the company was declining to comment for this story.

With files from Nicole Williams