A quilt tracing a family's journey from the Old World to the New World will serve as a humbling reminder, says a P.E.I. man.

David Walker's wife Suzan Bouchard spent more than 100 hours on the quilt, which tracks the path of 25 of Walker's ancestors across a map. They travelled from all around the British Isles, settling on P.E.I. and in New England, the earliest ones having to carve a living out of the wilderness.

P.E.I. ancestral quilt

A scroll attached to the quilt details the journeys. (Lindsay Carroll/CBC)

"It makes me feel humble, because my life is a lot more simple than the life that these ancestors had," said Walker.

'Where we've come from … where we're going'

Ancestors included on the quilt include Mary Barrett, who was hanged in Boston in 1660 for the crime of being a Quaker in the colony. A statue of her now stands in front of the Massachusetts state capitol.

P.E.I. ancestral quilt

The quilt traces the routes taken by David Walker's ancestors. (Lindsay Carroll/CBC)

Walker felt it was important to find a way to record the research he had done on his family history.

"I think it's really important that we learn where we've come from to, I guess, make better decisions on where we're going," he said.

The quilt was recently displayed at the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada convention, held in Summerside, P.E.I.

With files from Lindsay Carroll