The "abnormal temperature trend" that began on Prince Edward Island Tuesday will continue til mid-day Wednesday with temperatures expected to top out at 9C and rain or showers throughout the day delivering 10 to 15 mm.

The wet, windy weather will begin Tuesday evening, according to Environment Canada's website, with rain beginning before morning and winds from the south 50 gusting to 80 after midnight.  

"They're saying 10C for eastern P.E.I.," said CBC P.E.I. weather specialist Boomer Gallant. "The warmest air overnight will be down there." 

It'll be a windy Wednesday too, from the south 50 km/hr gusting to 80 in the morning, dropping to southwest 20 then northwest 20 to 40 late in the afternoon. Temperatures will drop down just below freezing Wednesday evening.

"I'm happy to see it coming, but you've got to be ready for it," said Mike MacKinnon, clearing ice and snow from the sidewalk in front of his home in Charlottetown as the melting began Tuesday afternoon.


Boomer Gallant says this temperature swing 'is unusual.' (CBC)

Keeping snow away from the edge of the house to prevent it from seeping into his older basement is key for MacKinnon. 

"It's quite amazing to watch it go from — what was it yesterday, –10, –12, up to 7 or 8. Quite a difference," he smiled. "We'll have a pool here." 

The Island will be back to normal temperatures Thursday and Friday with lots of sunshine and overnight lows about –12. 

"We've had January and Feb thaws before, but going from –21 yesterday to plus 8 today, that much of a temperature swing is unusual," said Boomer.

The trend for next week is for temperatures to be normal or slightly above, he added.

"We're watching a system next Wednesday evening and Thursday morning — snow or rain, it's yet to be determined," said Boomer.