Vivian Xie, who started her university career in September at the age of 12, is doing well at the University of Prince Edward Island, say her professors.

Xie has lived in China, Halifax and Charlottetown and was able to skip several grades after doing tests to prove she was ready.

Xie said she has been enjoying university, and in particular spending time with students who are more mature.

"I don't think of myself as being odd or that special," she said.

"I don't perceive age to be a limiting factor and I think that if you work hard enough and you don't stress yourself out, you'll eventually be able to do what you want."

'You would not know'

Biology professor Lawrence Hale, who taught Xie in the fall, said he was impressed when he met her.

"She immediately struck me as a very nice young woman," Hale said.

UPEI Professor Lawrence Hale

Professor Lawrence Hale expects Xie to continue to do well. (Stephanie Kelly/CBC)

"You would not know that she was only 13 years old. She came off as a regular, first-year undergraduate, really."

He said she did very well in his course last semester, and he expects her to continue to do well.

Xie said she hopes to be a veterinarian some day and maybe get a degree in education as well. She also has a few ideas for some books she'd like to write.

With files from Stephanie Kelly