Olive Crane promised to two fulfill two promises that were not kept by the Liberals in 2007. (Brendan Elliott/CBC)

A Progressive Conservative government on P.E.I. would spend $150,000 more a year on doctor recruitment and retention, says Leader Olive Crane.

Crane made the announcement at the Western Hospital in Alberton on Monday morning. It was the same spot Liberal Leader Robert Ghiz stood four years ago when he unveiled his plans for rural healthcare. Crane chose this location to highlight what she considers a litany of broken promises by Ghiz.

"He indicated a Liberal administration would invest in a rural doctor recruitment strategy and he said it was going to succeed," said Crane.

"His plan didn't work. He broke his promise and he's turned his back on West Prince and the people of Prince Edward Island."

Olive Crane was flanked by the three West Prince candidates, including Daniel MacDonald who took a shot at his Liberal rival, Robbie Henderson.

"Community Hospital was killed by Robbie Henderson and Robert Ghiz," said Crane.

"Hollow promises gave way to cutbacks, reductions and no consultation. Our new Progressive Conservative government will not make such hollow promises."

Crane also said a government led by her would restore 51 registered nurse positions she says the government cut in the last year. The government refutes that number. It says positions have been moved around, but it has hired more nurses overall.

The Tory leader also promised to fulfill two Liberal promises made in 2007, but not kept.

  • A 50 per cent co-pay on drugs for seniors. The Liberals introducer 25 per cent.
  • A Conservative government would pay for all diabetic strips at a cost of $2 million.

CBC News asked Crane her opinion on Health PEI, the agency created by the Liberal government to manage health care on the Island.

Crane said this was not the time to discuss Health PEI, but she did say there should not be an unaccountable board making decisions regarding which hospitals on the Island remain open.