The Progressive Conservative party has placed ads in the paper against HST. (Lindsay Carroll/CBC)

The Progressive Conservative Party of P.E.I. launched an ad campaign Monday, taking a swipe at the first day of the harmonized sales tax.

The newspaper ads call this "Black Monday."

"It is obviously a hot topic," said Steven Myers, interim leader of the Progressive Conservative party. "It is the largest tax grab in Island history and the government is trying to sell their side of the story and tell Islanders why this is good for them."

The ads note items and services that will cost more under the new tax. Myers said people are just starting to realize the full impact.

"We thought it was good opportunity for us to bring balance to the issue. It is something that is really going to hurt Islanders and I think Islanders feel like they pay enough taxes."

The province is making the switch to help tackle its debt.

On the same day Prince Edward Island adopted HST, British Columbia switched back to the old sales tax after HST was overwhelmingly rejected in the province.