The president of the P.E.I. Teachers' Federation hopes to meet with the Progressive Conservative Opposition to voice concerns about the way he feels teachers are being portrayed in the legislature.

Gilles Arsenault - custom

The Progressive Conservatives should be looking for the support of teachers, says Gilles Arsenault. (CBC)

Gilles Arsenault said comments made by the Tories about a school principal and about the state of the education system are upsetting to some teachers.

"That is not the normal procedure that we would expect from the opposition, and I guess we're disappointed with those comments being brought forward in the legislature while we have procedures in place to be able to deal with different issues in education," said Arsenault.

"As an opposition party, if you are trying rally the troops and are trying to get public support, I think that you need to have teachers on board as well. And what we have been hearing lately is very disappointing."

Steven Myers - custom

Steven Myers says he supports teachers, but there are problems with the education system. (CBC)

Progressive Conservative interim leader Steven Myers said he's disappointed Arsenault feels that way. He said Island teachers do great work, but added government must be held accountable for problems that exist in the education system.

"I understand that sometimes the things that we have to talk about in the legislature aren't necessarily positive, but the fact of the matter is that things need to change and we feel that our entire system is broken," said Myers.

"I actually feel sorry for the teachers because they're trapped into a system that doesn't seem to have a whole lot of leadership helping them accomplish what they truly care about, and what they want to do on a daily basis."

Myers said he would be pleased to meet with the Teachers' Federation to hear the concerns.