Mary-Ellen McInnis

Mary-Ellen McInnis says she will be asking for a recount in the District of Vernon River-Stratford. (Contributed)

The Progressive Conservative candidate in District 5, Mary Ellen McInnis, says she has filed for a judicial recount.

McInnis lost the election in Vernon River-Stratford by just two votes to incumbent cabinet minister Alan McIsaac.

McInnis said she was at the deputy returning officer's office Monday for what's called Determination Day. That is the day when the vote numbers sent to Elections PEI on election day are verified.

She said the results were confirmed, but that an official judicial recount will tally up individual ballots.

"It will be up to the judge," said McInnis. "He will look at every ballot again just to make sure that they were marked properly and that maybe there was a ballot that maybe should have been discarded."

"When you do the judicial recount that's when the ballot boxes are opened and every ballot will be inspected again."  

McInnis said the judge will set a date for the recount.

She said once a time is set, all candidates in the district will be notified by registered letter. 

"With only two votes, it is quite possible for this to be turned over," said McInnis.