Ring-necked pheasant

Without adequate food, pheasants and partridges are more susceptible to predators. (Souris and Area Branch, P.E.I. Wildlife Federation)

Wild pheasants and Hungarian partridges need the public's help finding food because of all the snow that has fallen, says the Souris area's wildlife coordinator.

The birds' natural food is covered with snow right now, said Fred Cheverie of the P.E.I. Souris and Area Wildlife Federation.

As a result, Kings County residents have seen both pheasants and partridges wandering into yards and close to roads in search of food.

Cheverie said he has bags of feed ready to hand over to residents.

"We can get people to kind of adopt them in their particular area, and feed them on a somewhat regular basis to get through the hard times of the winter until, hopefully, we get a thaw and there's bare spots in the field where they can get food for themselves," said Cheverie.

"Basically trying to keep the birds strong. With lack of food, they're more susceptible to getting captured by hawks or fox, or coyote, whatever the case may be."

A handful of residents have already taken him up on the offer over the past week and it does seem to be helping, said Cheverie.

Wild pheasants were introduced in the Souris area five years ago by P.E.I.'s department of wildlife.