Properties to be deemed part heritage

  • St. Peter's Cathedral
  • Civic Centre
  • Woolridge Quarry
  • Sherwood Home
  • Victoria Park
  • UPEI
  • Andrew's Pond and surrounding area

Seven properties in Charlottetown may be redesignated as being only partly heritage.

The sites are designated as heritage properties now. The new partial designation would mean owners would only have to go through the heritage board when making changes to the portion of the property deemed heritage.

"Heritage board has a job to do and we know that on occasion, we're going through the motions because we have to," said heritage committee chair Coun. Rob Lantz.

"We're just trying to limit those occasions when we're inconveniencing people for no apparent reason."

Lantz says the city's heritage officer would still have to assess changes to ensure renovations don't affect the heritage portion of a property, and the owners would still be eligible for the heritage incentive program.

Council will have a public consultation before the changes are approved.

For mobile device users: Is it a good idea to designate some properties in Charlottetown part heritage?