The new law will stress to young people that cyberbullying is wrong, says Aftab.

The organizer of the recent stop cyberbullying summit on P.E.I. has been invited to Ottawa by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to witness the announcement of new anti-cyberbullying legislation.

The federal government will announce details Wednesday afternoon of new legislation that will make it a crime to distribute intimate images without the consent of the person in the images.

Aftab told CBC News the legislation is key to ending the type of sexting that was central to the deaths of Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd.

"Law enforcement will be able to investigate and charge people, which is very important," said Aftab.

"Just as important, I think, is the fact that young people will understand that the taking of these images and the sharing of these images without the consent of the people involved is a crime, and a serious one."

In two separate cases, both Parsons and Todd committed suicide following bullying connected with the spread of intimate images of them online.