Parks Canada has a new idea for campers in Prince Edward Island who may not enjoy the traditional camping experience.

Construction has almost finished in Cavendish on a collection of Otentiks.

Parks Canada describes them as a cross between a tent and a rustic cabin. There is a canvas-like roof over a wooden A-frame that is built off the ground. Rain rolls off the roof.

They have electricity and heat and comes with a price tag.

For $120 a night, the Otentik is yours, plus park entrance fees which can be about $20 for a family. There will be six of them available starting next June.

Campers still need to bring their own sleeping bags and cooking equipment, but each Otentik has a fire pit.

Park officials are hoping the new additions will attract visitors who normally wouldn’t come to the park..

The buildings are part of a $400,000 upgrade to the Cavendish campground and have worked very well at other Parks Canada locations. They have been built on former camp sites.

Something that bridges the gap

Spokesman Mike Critchely said traditional camping is still popular, but they realize there are visitors who don't like roughing it.

“What we want to do with this is to offer something that gives people to experience everything they love about camping, without the hassle of having to bring your own gear, sleep on the floor. Something that bridges the gap,” he said.

Tourist Gerrit Duits has stayed in the Otentiks at other parks and says they’re a great idea.

“Especially when you have rain like today,” he said. “It would be nice to have something with a hard roof over your head.”

Parks Canada hoped to have the Otentik village ready this summer, but construction was delayed and crews will be working on site for a few more weeks. The park will be taking reservations for them once they’re ready in June.