Some cottage owners on the north shore are opposing the province’s plan to build a parking lot at the bottom of Cousins Shore Road.

The owners say it could cause environmental damage, but others back the project.

Opponents told CBC News the parking lot could bring more traffic and more congestion. That could damage the dunes, they said. Those opposed to the lot declined an on-camera interview.

Safety measure

Winston Cousins, who lives in the area, supports the parking lot. 

"There's quite a congestion there in the summer time, with cars lining either side of the road," he said.

"There's often times when you can't get through with your own car and if there ever was a drowning or someone got hurt, or there was a fire down here, you couldn't get down with emergency vehicles."

Kensington-Malpeque MLA Wes Sheridan agreed it's a matter of safety. He said the shale parking lot will have enough room for 25 vehicles and will cost up to $25,000.

"Environment and transportation went down and laid out what they thought they could get for 25 spots or so in parking. And they've been able to stay away from any of the tender areas," he said.

"There was an incident last year where emergency vehicles couldn't get through, and had to turn around and go back. A number of residents came forward, and a couple of land owners have offered up this land to allow this to take place."