You may soon be able to pay for parking in Charlottetown with coins or cards.

People who park in downtown Charlottetown may soon be able to load up their meter with a card instead of coins.

The city will sell pre-paid cards for parking meters, with installation expected in October.

"I just find that today more than ever, a lot of us don't have the change in our pockets that we used to have," said Coun. Terry Bernard, chair of the public services committee.

"It's more of a convenience to be using smart cards, and I think there's opportunities similar to other cards, whether it's Tim Horton's or whatever. People can buy them as gifts. Lot of people go downtown, do a lot of shopping, nice to get a gift for parking."

Bernard said 600 of the city's 800 meters will be upgraded, and the installation is not complicated. The city is still working out the cost.

The machines will still accept coins.