The P.E.I. Home and School Federation says parents want school board elections.

That is the group's response to the province's request that the current appointed board determine whether elections should be delayed or eliminated.

Education Minister Alan McIsaac appointed trustees when the eastern and western school boards were amalgamated last year rather than having an election. Election turnout has been low —3.8 per cent the last time voters were called to the polls.

The federation is ready to advocate on parents' behalf if the province tries to take those elections away.

Before anything like that happens, parents need to have a say, said the federation's president Pam Montgomery.

"Public input I think is always important in these processes. I think, or I'm hoping, at some point we'll have the opportunity as an organization to meet with the English Language School Board and provide some input as to this topic," said Montgomery.

She said a recent survey of parents found the majority want a board that's at least partially elected.

According to current legislation, P.E.I. is supposed to return to an elected school board next year.

But McIsaac said he is ready to change legislation if the current school board recommends it.